The journey of life and music

Updated: May 13, 2020

In life, we develop affinities based on our exposure and our individual tastes.

people end up liking some foods and disliking others. some are attracted to physical profiles which others find jarring.

The same is true with our musical taste buds. Inevitably this gave rise to genres in music. Now we humans will never stick to one interest at a time and the same applies to our affinity toward music genres.

There is however another dimension to the diversity of our musical selectiveness. this is the choice between music eras. whilst some genres may be quite new and can also become acquired tastes.

Many genres span several decades and even centuries. Now the debate is whether nostalgia is relative to one's age and peer group or is the nostalgia more of a sensual nature. Do we associate our affinity to genres in

a particular era with our life journey and is it based solely on the memories the music evokes?

Well, I find myself remembering specific people and events by the songs or music which was playing or popular when we met or at a special event involving them. It makes for colourful listening on a scenic journey along life's path.

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